New president of Argentina offers to hold peace summit on Ukraine

November 24,2023 1791
New president of Argentina offers to hold peace summit on Ukraine

Argentina’s newly elected president, Javier Milei, has extended an invitation to Volodymyr Zelenskyy for a summit in Argentina involving Latin American countries to discuss efforts toward achieving peace in Ukraine. DW reported.

“President Milei held telephone talks with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and proposed that Argentina hold a conference between Latin America and Ukraine,” Miley’s foreign policy advisor Diana Mondino said in a publication.

Argentina also offers to “become the event’s headquarters, if appropriate.” The President of Ukraine thanked Milei for his “clear support” regarding the Russian military invasion.

“No ambiguity between good and evil. Just clear support for Ukraine. We, Ukrainians, are aware of this and appreciate it very much,” Zelenskyy said.

Argentina elected a new president – the libertarian Javier Milei – on November 20. The politician received almost 56% of the citizens’ votes. Milei entered Argentine politics only two years ago. However, he immediately gained popularity. Despite conflicting plans for changes in the country’s economy, the position of the newly elected Argentinian president regarding Ukraine is unambiguous. The politician repeatedly expressed support for Ukrainians in the fight against the Russians. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Argentine joined one of the events supporting Ukraine.

“For Ukraine, the election of a new president can mean positive changes. However, it is also worth waiting for the appointment of the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. The next months will show what is really worth waiting for,” says Jorge Danylyshyn, the UWC Vice President for South and Central America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Central America) and President of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Cultural Society “PROSVITA” in the Argentine Republic. “One thing is a political campaign, during which there are many promises, and quite another – state policy, coming to power, when the president has to decide and then interests play a role, not recitations.”

The new president of Argentina will take office on December 10.

Cover: Erica Canepa Credit: Bloomberg