No Russian Disinformation Tolerated! US-Ukraine Partnership Must Remain Strong

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July 10,2022 855
No Russian Disinformation Tolerated! US-Ukraine Partnership Must Remain Strong

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) supports The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America’s calls for unity at this time of war against Russia. This is no time to fall prey to Russia’s propaganda and its attempts to sow disunity between Ukraine’s allies. UWC stands with President Zelensky and his team who have shown tremendous courage. This is a time to stand together and to #StandWithUkraine! Slava Ukraini!


The United States and its Western allies have provided an enormous amount of assistance to Ukraine since russia launched its unprovoked war of aggression. In particular, the United States’ support for Ukraine’s military to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty is evident due to the commitment of our shared democratic values. The kremlin’s indiscriminate war has solidified the cooperation between Ukraine and the United States and strengthened our strategic partnership on diplomatic and military levels.

As the representative organization of the 2 million Americans of Ukrainian descent, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) rebukes attempts to undermine or disrupt the trust fostered between our two countries. The strategic objective of President Zelenskyy and his national security team, who have all remained in Kyiv throughout the course of the war, is to garner support from the democratic coalition of nations in their struggle against an invading genocidal foreign force.

Narratives of a weakened divided Ukrainian state, propagated by russian disinformation, only seek to undermine public support for President Zelenskyy’s administration and damage the important U.S.- Ukraine strategic relationship.

In times of war, only unity with a defined objective and strategy will result in ultimate victory. Since the war began on February 24th, support is evident by the worldwide assistance Ukraine has received to withstand the onslaught of continued russian aggression. We must remain unified in our support for Ukraine as they protect Western democratic values and ideals from the perils of authoritarianism and hegemony and thus call upon the United States to continue providing critically-needed military and humanitarian assistance.

July 9, 2022


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