Norway to provide Ukraine with anti-drone systems

August 15,2023 1308
Norway to provide Ukraine with anti-drone systems

Norway will provide Ukraine with Cortex Typhon anti-drone systems, the country’s government announced. It is about several mobile devices for neutralizing drones for USD 70 million.

“This will significantly strengthen Ukraine’s anti-drone capabilities and help protect the Ukrainian population and infrastructure,” said Eric Lee, President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace drone manufacturer.

The contract to provide systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is financed by the International Fund for Ukraine under the leadership of the United Kingdom. Norway is one of the organization’s main donors.

Anti-drone systems are supposed to counter a wide range of Russian aerial drones – they fire at UAVs or “disable others in some way”. The equipment is installed on armored vehicles, which were also provided by Norway to Ukraine. Apart front that, the Armed Forces will receive large-caliber machine guns and ammunition for them as part of the agreement.

“The support of the West is crucial for Ukraine to repel Russia’s brutal invasion. Norway has provided much support to Ukraine since the invasion, and the government will continue to provide as much support as needed,” Arild Gram, Minister of Defense of Norway, said.

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