November 2022: important dates and anniversaries

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November 1,2022 681
November 2022: important dates and anniversaries

November 3 – Day of Missile Forces and Artillery, Day of Engineering Corps

On November 3, the Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrate two holidays at once: the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery and the Day of Engineering Corps. Missile forces and artillery are a branch of Ukrainian ground Armed Forces, which remain a formidable firepower in the Ukrainian military.

Engineering corps are front-line troops. They provide infantry and tankers with an ability to advance. Military engineers clear passages through enemy minefields and barricades, dismantle rubble and destruction to ensure smoother movement of our troops. Professional combat engineers allow for dozens of kilometers of demined territories and saved lives of both military personnel and civilians in the Donbas area.

November 6 – International Day for Prevention of Exploitation of the Environment during War and Armed Conflicts

For environmental protection to become part of strategies for preventing wars and maintaining peace, the UN declared November 6 as the International Day for the Prevention of Exploitation of the Environment during War and Armed Conflicts.

Starting from 2014 and especially from February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation continues to cause significant damage to the natural environment of Ukraine. The occupier pollutes Ukrainian forests, fields, water reserves with gunpowder and lead, grease, military waste, poisons, and scrap metal. During the first seven months of the full-scale war with Russia, damages of one trillion hryvnias (almost 36 billion Euros) were inflicted on the ecology of Ukraine. 2,000 cases of environmental damage that is related to the war have been documented.

November 9 – Day of the Ukrainian language and writing

The date of the Day of the Ukrainian Language and Writing falls on the day of commemoration of the venerable Nestor the Chronicler. He was a follower of Cyril and Methodius, creators of Slavic writing, from whose work researchers believe that the written Ukrainian language might have originated.

On the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language, the UWC traditionally joins the largest Ukrainian-language flash mob – Dictation of National Unity. The writing of Radiodictant-2022 is adapted to the conditions of wartime. Also, locations for writing the dictation will be provided for forced migrants and Ukrainians living abroad in many countries around the world.

November 10 – World Science Day for Peace and Development

The holiday, founded in 2001 under the auspices of UNESCO, has already gained popularity in Ukraine. This holiday aims to popularize science and STEM education, increase appreciation of science, and stimulate scientific research and progress.

November 11 – the Day of Remembrance of the fallen WWI heroes

November 11 is the date when First World War hostilities ended. On this day, we pay tribute to all those who died in military conflicts. Today we honor the memory of the dead, but we also support everyone who defend Ukraine in the excruciating fight against the Russian aggressor.

November 12 – 19 – 55th anniversary of the UWC

The first Congress of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians (WCFU) took place on November 12, 1967, in New York. The Congress of Freedom was the first official meeting of the leaders of Ukrainian diaspora organizations from different countries. The Congress became the first organized manifestation of Ukrainian unity in the religious, public, and political spheres of life. November 12, 1967, is thus considered the birthdate of the Ukrainian World Congress.

November 15-16 – G20 summit in Indonesia

The forum on the island of Bali will bring together the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies, as well as guest countries such as the UAE and Ukraine.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who will chair the G20, plans to urge both sides to agree to a ceasefire and restore grain export channels to support food security. On November 1, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that after Russia’s missile attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, President Putin’s invitation to the G20 summit should be withdrawn, and the Russian Federation itself should be excluded from the G20.

November 18-20 – International Security Forum in Halifax

While the International Security Forum in previous years focused on threats to world democracies, this year the spotlight will be on threats to international security provoked by the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. You can familiarize yourself with the program of the forum here.

November 21 – Dignity and Freedom Day

The Dignity and Freedom Day is one of the iconic official holidays established in honor of the two revolutions that took place in Ukraine in 2004 and 2013. On this day, Ukrainians honor the memory of people who defended democratic values, rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian nation, national interests of the state and its Europe-oriented future.

November 26 – Holodomor Memorial Day, 90th anniversary

Traditionally, the Holodomor Memorial Day is celebrated annually in Ukraine on the fourth Saturday in November. This year, the Ukrainian World Congress calls on Ukrainians all over the world to appeal to governments and parliaments to recognize the 1932-33 Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people. The UWC calls for all friends of Ukraine to support brave Ukrainian defenders in the gruesome fight against the Russian aggressor, who uses the same barbaric methods of extermination of the Ukrainian people that it did 90 years ago.

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