Occupation authorities are trying illegally five more foreigners

August 16,2022 346
Occupation authorities are trying illegally five more foreigners

The pro-russian occupation authorities in Donetsk Oblast are illegally trying five more foreigners who may have fought on the side of Ukraine, according to kremlin media.

“Participation of a mercenary in military operations and preparation for a violent seizure of power” are charged against British John Harding, the Swede Mathias Gustavsson, and the Croatian Vjekoslav Prebeg. They may be sentenced to the death penalty.

British Andrew Hill is accused of “participation in hostilities”, and British Dylan Hill of “recruiting mercenaries”. The next meeting of the “Supreme Court of the DNR” is planned for October.

Two weeks earlier, the spokesman for the “International Legion”, Damien Magrou, in a conversation with 24Channel, said that prisoners of war from the “International Legion”, in particular three previously imprisoned fighters Sean Pinner, Aiden Eslin and Saadun Brahim, are being transferred to Donbas by the occupiers. This is done in order to illegally try them in the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”, as well as to pronounce a the death penalty.