Occupiers and collaborators are clashing in Crimea

January 4,2023 729
Occupiers and collaborators are clashing in Crimea

The Russian occupiers and local collaborators are fighting each other in temporarily occupied Crimea, reported with reference to Tamila Tasheva, the permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

“Russians and collaborators in Crimea began to dispose of each other. We are glad that they are doing it with their own hands. Actually, this happened some one and a half to two years after the beginning of the occupation, when they eliminated a certain category of collaborators from quite high positions. In other words, they were used up and thrown in the trash,” Tasheva said.

According to Tasheva, the head of the Russia-controlled so-called “national and cultural autonomy of the Crimean Tatars,” Eyvaz Umerov, is currently being given short shrift. The presidential representative says that apart from Umerov’s first and last names, he has nothing in common with the Crimean Tatars.

She also said the real estate market on the peninsula has collapsed, as the Russian occupiers are massively selling property — a consequence of the Ukrainian forces debunking the myth of a safe (for the occupiers) Crimea.