Online Education: Four platforms to help in organize distance learning

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April 1,2020 100

To support teachers in organizing the time convenient for both students and teachers: delivering material and sending tasks/assignments, creating unique and interesting learning materials and communicating with all participants of the learning process. 

1.ZOOM: service platform for organizing online conferences and video communication.

2.CLASS DOJO: free communication platform to maximize the imitation of the school environment from home; created to support a better way of communication of parents, teachers and students.

3. GOOGLE CLASSROOM: a free platform to be used in the educational institutions to support in creating, sharing and classification of tasks, exchanging files among teachers and students. Gmail account is needed to create a Google classroom.

Google Classroom

4. The platform includes Google Drive to create and share tasks/assignments, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to write texts and create presentations, Gmail to communicate, Google Calendar to schedule lessons.

DING TALK: a free platform for video communication and distance learning. To use, you need to download an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Language of instruction: English.