Paul Grod explained what will be considered victory in UA

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December 27,2022 641
Paul Grod explained what will be considered victory in UA

In the final interview for 2022, Paul Grod told “Ukrainian Radio” how the Ukrainian diaspora supports Ukraine, what results worldwide Ukrainians achieved since the beginning of the full-scale war, and what priorities remain relevant for Ukraine during its fight for independence.

“Ukraine’s victory is a key priority of the Ukrainian World Congress,” Paul Grod shared his thoughts and the results of meetings with the command of the Territorial Defense Forces during his December visit to Ukraine.

The UWC President explained what victory would mean for Ukraine. He stated, “to win means to win back all Ukrainian territories, including Crimea and Donbas. Ukrainians in the occupied territories live occupied by a terrorist state, so winning will also mean liberating these people, victims of the genocide conducted by the Russian state.”

The conversation also touched on the information front with the Russian occupying state. “We are not only fighting against Russian propaganda; we are telling the Truth about Ukraine. We tell stories in the languages of different countries and communicate directly with those who influence respective society’s opinions,” said Paul Grod. — “Truth is on our side. The most important thing is to repeat it constantly.”