Paul Grod: Our objective is to reconnect 65 million Ukrainians

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December 15,2021 144
Paul Grod: Our objective is to reconnect 65 million Ukrainians

On December 14, UWC President Paul Grod spoke at the Second Ukraine Invest Annual Forum “MAKE in UA” as part of the “Business diplomacy: Ukraine globally” Round Table. The discussion focused on attracting investment in the manufacturing sector of Ukraine and business diplomacy – informal communication between the state, business, and experts to promote Ukraine’s investment image.  

Alexandra Chopivsky, Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board, Ukraine Invest was the moderator of the round table. The Forum’s program consisted of a series of dynamic and interactive discussions with over 30 speakers, including the Prime Minister of Ukraine, government officials, and representatives of international organizations, and global and Ukrainian business and investment communities. 

UWC President Paul Grod discussed two key aspects crucial to fostering investment in Ukraine: the remittance of billions of dollars into Ukraine annually and the integration of the global Ukrainian diaspora into the development of Ukraine as a successful economy and Euro-Atlantic country through multiple citizenship.

“We see many examples of very successful countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, the G7, that in fact promote multiple citizenship, welcome their diaspora to come back, to take roles in government, in business, in academia, in the arts, in healthcare, and to really help build their countries out,” said Grod. “We know millions have left Ukraine since independence and millions have left over the past 130 years. That’s a huge brainpower potential. So, our objective is to reconnect that 65 million Ukrainians. And one key aspect is to allow and welcome those Ukrainians to come back, to take citizenship, and to be strong enablers of Ukraine’s economy.” 

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