Paul Grod, ‘Working hard to eliminate any doubts about Ukraine’s candidacy to the EU’

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June 4,2022 161
Paul Grod, ‘Working hard to eliminate any doubts about Ukraine’s candidacy to the EU’

During his visit to Kyiv, the President of the Ukrainian World Congress delivered an in-depth interview to Ukrainian Radio on the 100th day after the commencement of the full-scale Russian invasion.

During the interview, he highlighted this year’s Davos Forum, which was attended by the Ukrainian World Congress.
‘Much attention was devoted to Ukraine and the topic of how to establish a new, green, and ecological country, because Ukraine has significant economic potential and will become a dependable member of the European Union.’ stated Paul Grod. ‘Ukrainian World Congress is also aiming to assure that other European nations have no doubts about Ukraine’s eligibility for EU candidate status.’

The UWC leader also commented on the recently signed Plan of Cooperation between the Ukrainian World Congress and the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine.
‘After the war, a massive number of veterans are expected in Ukraine, thus it is vital to use Western nations’ knowledge and experience to provide help and support for them,’ Paul Grod noted.

According to him, the Russian Federation’s investigation of war crimes is important today because perpetrators of the genocide of Ukrainians will be held accountable in the future. Equally crucial is the fight against Russian propaganda, which poses a threat to Ukrainians living abroad since information flows influence people’s thinking and consciousness.

Listen to the interview in Ukrainian at the link.

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