Pavlo Sadokha: New Portuguese government will be even more pro-Ukrainian

April 3,2024 631
Pavlo Sadokha: New Portuguese government will be even more pro-Ukrainian

The election of Luís Montenegro, Leader of the Social Democratic Party, as Portugal’s new Prime Minister strengthens pro-Ukrainian forces in the country’s government, says Pavlo Sadokha, UWC Vice-President and President of the Union of Ukrainians in Portugal.

“Even before the early elections to the Portuguese parliament, which were to form a new government, it was clear that there would be no significant changes in support for Ukraine. The absolute majority of political parties represented in the Portuguese parliament voted on the Ukrainian issue in the previous term. However, the change in the new government formed by the center-right parties (Social Democratic Party and People’s Party) now includes two important ministers for Ukraine (defense and foreign affairs), who were previously Members of the European Parliament and consistently advocated for the Ukrainian position since 2014,” said Sadokha.

In addition, the Communist Party of Portugal – the only party not to condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine – halved its representation in parliament in these elections (4 MPs). This is also a positive change for supporting Ukraine, added the UWC Vice President.

“So, yesterday was very important for Ukrainians because in his first strategic speech for the next four years, the new Prime Minister of the Portuguese government, Luís Montenegro, reaffirmed unwavering support for Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggressors and integration into the EU and NATO,” Sadokha summed up.

Portugal conducted early parliamentary elections on March 10, where 230 members were elected to its unicameral parliament, the Assembly of the Republic. 

Cover: Pedro Nunes / Reuters