Poland bolsters defense on border with Belarus

November 15,2023 686
Poland bolsters defense on border with Belarus

The Ministry of Defense of Poland has announced the deployment of a new tank battalion near the border with Belarus. The tactical unit will be stationed in Czartajew, approximately 50 kilometers from the national border. The inauguration of the new military unit took place on November 12.

The town has already set up a container camp, with plans to develop permanent infrastructure in the coming years. The initial phase of establishing the unit involves relocating over a hundred soldiers, with the prospect of expanding to several hundred. Military personnel will be stationed in Czartajew permanently.

The tank battalion will be equipped with modern technology, including K2 tanks, Rak mortars, and Poprad anti-aircraft missile systems. “We are aware of the threats. We know very well that the Kremlin rulers have initiated the war because they want to restore the Russian Empire. This has always been a threat to neighboring nations,” stated Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of Defense of Poland.

The minister emphasized the preventive strengthening of the Polish army to deter any attack on Poland. He highlighted the modern K2 tanks as part of the newly established tank battalion in the Siemiatycze district. “This tank battalion here, in the Siemiatycze district, will be equipped with K2 tanks. These are modern tanks developed in the 21st century,” Minister Błaszczak added.

The new tank battalion is a component of the first infantry division, the formation of which began in September of last year. The tactical unit comprises 12 military components, including four general-purpose brigades, an artillery brigade, four military type regiments, and three specialized battalions. In total, the division will consist of over 30,000 soldiers.