Poland on aircraft for Ukraine: if you give quickly, you give twice

February 6,2023 535
Poland on aircraft for Ukraine: if you give quickly, you give twice

Poland is looking for a joint solution of all allies on the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine, Dariusz Pawłoś, Polish ambassador to Germany told RND.

“Poland does not want to go it alone, but we think this decision should be taken by the Western allies unanimously. In our view, various opportunities for consultation should be used as quickly as possible. The policy of hesitation and procrastination, as in the case of the Leopard 2 main battle tank, is counterproductive. We have a saying: if you give quickly, you give twice” Pawłoś said in the interview.

According to the ambassador, Poland suggests that the Munich Security Conference, which will be held from Feb. 17-19, not only discusses the issue of battle aircraft for Ukraine but also takes a decision. “From our point of view, it would also be conceivable for Polish President Duda, French President Macron and Chancellor Scholz to meet there in the Weimar Triangle format to show that the most important European supporters of Ukraine should close ranks,” he said.

“In addition, we are always willing to talk bilaterally with Germany. Poland has several dozen Soviet-designed fighter aircraft, both MIG 21 and SU22. But as I said, we want a unified approach to this matter with our partners in the EU and NATO,” Pawłoś emphasized.

The ambassador also pointed out that Ukraine would not be enough for Putin. “He wants to expand his empire and go down in the history of Russia as one of the most powerful tsars. We cannot permit that. Poland is part of a broad coalition on this issue, and we want this coalition not just to exist on paper, but to act actively,” he said.