Pope Francis must apologize for calling upon Ukraine to surrender

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March 11,2024 1846
Pope Francis must apologize for calling upon Ukraine to surrender

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) together with millions of Ukrainian Catholics and other faithful worldwide are outraged by His Holiness Pope Francis’ comments, that Ukraine “should have the courage of the ‘white flag’ and negotiate” to end to the war with Russia.

“Every day brave men and women of Ukraine are courageously fighting and sacrificing their lives to stop Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine. Calls to ‘surrender’ are not just appalling to Ukrainians, but play into the hands of the Kremlin that is using these comments to weaken support for Ukraine,” stated UWC President Paul Grod. 

Russia’s unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and daily bombing attacks, are clear acts of aggression. The international community continues to condemn Russia’s vile and evil acts. Ukraine and its people are victimsof Russia’s horrendous aggression. Ukraine with its international partners have reinforced the fact that this is a war of values, that evil must be defeated. The UWC calls upon Pope Francis to stand with Ukraine and the international community in this fight against evil.

Pope Francis has unfortunately on more than one occasion made statements that distort the reality of the situation in Ukraine, statements which later have to be explained by Vatican officials. Pope Francis must clearly state that Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is the victim.  Ukrainians are not prepared to surrender as they know that their follow countrymen are facing ungodly persecution in Russian- occupied territories.  After 10 years of Russia’s war against Ukraine, it is clear that Russia intends to concur and control Ukraine.  Putin has been consistently clear that he intends to assimilate the Ukrainian people into the Russian nation.

Ukraine may be wounded but is not defeated and any call to give up the fight against evil, is unjust. Belief in God and Ukraine is what gives the people the strength to continue fighting evil every day.  We call upon His Holiness to speak withsuch moral clarity,” continued Grod.

“The latest statement by His Holiness Pope Francis is offensive to not only millions of Ukrainian Catholics who are suffering from Russia’s brutal invasion but to the international community who believe in justice and the eradication of evil.

We urge the Pope to show strength and provide a clear condemnation that Russia is solely responsible for the current war.

We also call on His Holiness to visit the liberated Ukrainian regions that were sites of mass torture, sexual violence, and murder committed by Russian war criminals.  After speaking with survivors and defenders, he will then understand why liberation of the Ukrainian people and their lands is the only option.” Grod added. 

We do not negotiate with evil – we defeat it! concluded Grod.

Cover: Isabella Bonotto/AFP via Getty Images

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