President Zelensky spoke at Davos by satellite

May 26,2022 126
President Zelensky spoke at Davos by satellite

President Zelensky spoke by satellite to a packed house to thunderous applause in Davos. The highlights of his remarks:

Is it possible to adapt existing institutions to modern challenges? No. We need not only to adapt to new realities, we need to create new tools.

The embargo on Russian oil, the complete abandonment of the Russian IT sector, the complete cessation of trade. This should convince any aggressor to think twice for many years.

A conference on post-war reconstruction will be held in Lugano, Switzerland, in July. I hope that by then our international partners will prepare their offer packages.

Weapons, finances, if we got what we needed back in February, it would save thousands of lives. That is why it is important that we get the weapons we ask for, not the ones we are just given.

It is too late to solve the problem of hunger. That is why we need to create a new international organization that would guarantee food security in the world.

Ukraine will be a victorious state, with a united people and government. It will be a strong state with specific security priorities. We understand that anything can happen with such a neighbor. The war may be repeated.

The example of Israel is good. But it is a small country. We must build state-of-the-art air defense, we need guarantees from international partners. Potential aggressors must be stopped before entering our territory.