President Zelensky: Ukraine needs basic defense against missile attacks

July 6,2022 436
President Zelensky:  Ukraine needs basic defense against missile attacks

In his evening address on July 5, President Zelenskyi emphasized the importance of basic defense against missile attacks. “Tonight, Kyiv and almost all of Ukraine will be on air alert. At this hour, there are strikes in the Khmelnytsky region: victims, wounded – they are now being confirmed. The occupiers again fought in Sumy Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, and Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Some of the missiles were shot down by our anti-aircraft forces. And we have not for a single day reduced and will not reduce our diplomatic activity in order to obtain modern and sufficient anti-missile systems for Ukraine.

“This is a maximum task for our state – this year to provide basic security for Ukrainians, basic protection against missile attacks. But the fulfillment of this task depends not only on us, but also on the understanding of our fundamental needs by our partners.

“Today, the results of two months of work by the national charity platform United24 were summarized. During this time, thanks to the participation of people from dozens of countries, it was possible to collect more than two billion hryvnias for the needs of Ukraine. This is not only help to our defenders, but also contributions to demining and humanitarian needs.”

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