President Zelenskyy: Do not leave people alone with their difficulties

March 26,2024 317
President Zelenskyy: Do not leave people alone with their difficulties

“Now it is extremely important to take care of those who need support; do not leave people alone with their difficulties,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on March 25.

Dear Ukrainians!

A few summaries for this day.

First. I thank everyone who is working to eliminate the consequences of Russian strikes. Kyiv – ballistic missiles damaged houses and the building of the Academy of Arts today. All the injured have been provided with the necessary assistance. Thank God, there were no children at the academy. The debris clearance lasts all day. Odesa and Mykolaiv – after the attacks on power facilities, the situation is complicated, all the necessary services and repair crews were involved. In the afternoon, there was another strike on Odesa – people were injured. Kharkiv is still in a particularly challenging situation, but every day energy supply to the city is being gradually restored. I am grateful to everyone who works for the city, to everyone who cares about people and helps others. Now it is extremely important to take care of those who need support. And even if people feel uncomfortable asking others for support, please pay attention and support them yourself, do not leave people alone with their difficulties.

Second. Throughout the day, there were reports from the military, intelligence, and the Security Service of Ukraine. Commander-in-Chief Syrskyi, Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Budanov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Umerov. We had thorough discussions on how to further reduce Russia’s terrorist potential. And we are carefully planning our actions. There was a report by Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Lytvynenko on the current threats. There was also the usual weekly report by Head of the Security Service Maliuk on the results of the SSU over the past week and the planning of tasks for this week. Of course, today I congratulated General Maliuk and the entire staff of the Security Service of Ukraine on their professional day. All of us in our country should be grateful to the combat-ready Security Service of Ukraine, which is truly inflicting significant damage on the enemy and achieving the goals that Ukraine really needs, along with all other elements of the Defense and Security Forces. I am grateful to every SSU warrior, to everyone in the Security Service who works really effectively for the sake of Ukraine.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine

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