President Zelenskyy: Enable Sumy Oblast to generate jobs and ensure social protection

March 28,2024 213
President Zelenskyy: Enable Sumy Oblast to generate jobs and ensure social protection

“Now the common task is to provide every opportunity for Sumy region to create jobs and ensure social protection,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on March 27.

Dear Ukrainians!

Today we are in Sumy region. I’ve been here with the team all day. First, our military. I visited our guys who are recovering from injuries and honored them with state awards. I am immensely grateful to the doctors, nurses, and everyone who helps them recover from their injuries.

The second issue for today is, of course, everything related to the defense of Sumy region, each community, each city. It is especially difficult in the border area, which is subject to constant Russian terror. There is constant shelling, air strikes, and countering enemy subversive groups. I am grateful to all the soldiers, all the commanders of the Armed Forces, the border guards, our police, the National Guard, the Security Service of Ukraine – everyone who is involved. To everyone who protects us. Thank you for not allowing our land to be turned into a zone of Russian presence. Every occupier who dares to come here will be destroyed.

I held a long coordination meeting. We addressed the issues of internal security in the region – from shelters to combating crime – and all the issues of defense. We also discussed the economy and social situation in a very substantive way. Now the common task of the government, regional authorities and community leaders is to provide every opportunity to create jobs here in our Sumy region, to ensure social protection and reliable budget revenues.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine