President Zelenskyy expresses gratitude to all countries that recently provided aid for Ukraine

April 26,2024 187
President Zelenskyy expresses gratitude to all countries that recently provided aid for Ukraine

“I have already spoken with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. I thanked him for his leadership, which has now guaranteed that democracy in the world will not lose ground. I also spoke with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on April 25.

I wish you health, fellow Ukrainians!

The key points for today.

The Staff meeting. Complex issues of protection, not only of the energy sector, but of the entire vital infrastructure. Social facilities, communications, everything that sustains normal life in cities and communities. Air defense, electronic warfare, necessary engineering solutions and construction. I am grateful to all those who are already working promptly at their level – both in the government and in the regions. It is very important that the deadlines for implementing decisions are met. In particular, we are closely monitoring this at the Staff meetings. We are also working on contracts for the production of weapons and equipment in Ukraine. Each manufacturer must have a truly long-term assurance that each contract will be backed by the necessary finance, supply, and logistics. We are also working with our partners to invest in production in Ukraine – in some areas we can already produce much more than our funds can cover. In particular, during our visits, during negotiations, in contacts between government officials and partners, we discuss the possibility of raising funds on a larger scale so that countries that have the funds but do not have their own production facilities can build their arsenal together with us and help our frontline. I thank everyone who has shown their interest and is contributing to this cooperation. And, of course, the situation at the front. We are preparing for tomorrow’s Ramstein meeting and will discuss, among other things, how to overcome the difficulties and problems that have accumulated over the past six months while we have been waiting for decisions on American support. Politically, we have already achieved the support. Now we need to work on filling the packages with the necessary weapons and ensuring logistics. I am grateful to all the countries that have recently adopted new decisions on aid for Ukraine, our warriors, our cities and communities. I am grateful to everyone who helps!

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine