President Zelenskyy grateful for Japanese support and discusses strategic partnership

January 8,2024 467
President Zelenskyy grateful for Japanese support and discusses strategic partnership

“I held a meeting on our plans for this year in relations with partners in the European Union and NATO; we are clearly formulating our tasks,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on January 7.

I wish you health, fellow Ukrainians!

A few summaries of the day.

First. Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan is paying a visit to Ukraine. Our very important, very strong partner. I am grateful for the level of relations achieved between our countries – a true partnership, a strategic partnership. I am grateful for the support that Japan has provided to our country. This includes security assistance, strong leadership in the Group of Seven and in the international arena in general, economic support – we appreciate it – and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. One of our best international results is our relations with Japan. Now there is a new large package of energy support for Ukraine. I am grateful for the financial support to our country. Today we discussed our further cooperation, in particular the Ukraine Recovery Conference scheduled for February, as well as our further joint security steps, work on the Peace Formula and on strengthening sanctions against Russia. I am confident that this year will also be quite meaningful for our relations.

Second. Sweden. Today I took part in the opening of the security conference organized annually by the Swedish association “People and Defense.” It is one of the most important events in Northern Europe and the most influential in Sweden. The conference will continue throughout the week – today is the first day. I outlined our country’s vision of the challenges and opportunities for our countries – Ukraine and Sweden – and for Europe as a whole. The key is solidarity and joint action. We have already shown that our consolidation – of everyone in Europe and the free world – can overcome even the most large-scale manifestations of aggression. And this year we must accomplish even more. We must also boost cooperation in defense production – in joint projects, particularly in Ukraine. Swedish CV-90 combat vehicles and Swedish artillery – “Archers” – have already proven themselves in the hands of our warriors at the front. And our entire Europe has sufficient potential to guarantee security under any circumstances and sentiments in global politics.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine


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