President Zelenskyy: Political decisions must be followed by real logistics

May 7,2024 163
President Zelenskyy: Political decisions must be followed by real logistics

“In the afternoon, I had several international conversations – we are now working very actively to prepare the inaugural Summit, the Peace Summit in Switzerland. It is important that as many states as possible, as many actors as possible who are interested in the full force of the UN Charter and international law, demonstrate their leadership at the Summit,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on May 6.

I wish you health, fellow Ukrainians!

I’ve just held a meeting of the Staff. First, the frontline. The report by the Commander-in-Chief – he was on the frontline, directly in the brigades. He reported on the key challenges and needs. We are getting ready. There was also a report on our own production of weapons and manning of our brigades. We are doing our best to provide more weapons for our warriors. We also discussed the supply from our partners – the delivery time and the possibility to speed up the actual receipt of weapons and shells from our partners. In reality. Political decisions must be followed by real logistics – the actual receipt of weapons by our warriors. All those involved must now work 24/7 with partners, including the United States.

Today I was honored to congratulate our infantry warriors on their professional day. This is the backbone of our Armed Forces of Ukraine – these are the units that, through their strength, actions, and resilience, determine whose flag is on the ground. And I thank each of our warriors and combat brigades for doing their best to destroy the enemy and defend Ukraine. Today, I have awarded the warriors who have proved themselves best in combat, and presented honorary awards and battle flags to the combat brigades. Thank you, warriors! I thank everyone who gives Ukraine the necessary frontline results and protects our country and people.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine