President Zelenskyy: Terrorist must pay the most for damage caused by terror

January 9,2024 353
President Zelenskyy: Terrorist must pay the most for damage caused by terror

“Terrorist must pay the most for the damage caused by terror, and Russia will pay,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on January 8.

I wish you health, fellow Ukrainians!

A brief report on this day.

Three international conversations today. First, the Amir of Kuwait. I thanked him for supporting the independence and territorial integrity of our country. I spoke about the situation in the wake of Russian terror – constant missile and drone attacks on our cities and villages. I assured him that despite everything, Ukraine will remain one of the donors of global food security and stability in general. We consistently maintain international law and appreciate all the efforts of our partners who help us and thus contribute to their own security.

Today I also spoke with the King of Bahrain. Of course, considerable attention was paid to the protection of the basic principles of international relations and to the issues of stability. I thanked him for the participation of the Bahraini representative in previous Peace Formula meetings and invited to take part in the new meeting that will take place in Davos shortly.

This evening I also spoke with the Amir of Qatar, and the issue of the release of our captives was particularly important to me. Qatar’s mediation and leadership has already proven to be effective, and I am grateful for their willingness to continue to cooperate to bring home more Ukrainians, adults and children, from Russian captivity. Of course, we also discussed the work on the Peace Formula and the organization of the upcoming Peace Summit with the participation of the world majority. I thanked Qatar for supporting our humanitarian initiative “Grain from Ukraine” and our efforts to safeguard peaceful navigation in the Black Sea in general. The fact that we have resumed the navigation of civilian vessels in the Black Sea – despite all Russia’s attempts to block this water area – proves that we can defend ourselves against all other manifestations of Russian aggression against our country, against the normal life of all countries that value life and people.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine

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