President Zelenskyy: Ukraine seeks to resolve the situation on the border jointly and fairly

February 22,2024 221
President Zelenskyy: Ukraine seeks to resolve the situation on the border jointly and fairly

“I have instructed our government to come to the border between our countries by February 24; Ukraine seeks to resolve the situation on the border jointly and fairly,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on February 21.

Dear Ukrainians!

And all of Ukraine’s partners in our Europe, especially in Poland.

Now I would like to address everyone who remembers the full meaning of the word ‘solidarity.’ The word that changed the history of our entire Europe for the better so dramatically. This was the case. And in many ways it still is. However, we are now witnessing an excessive and unfair politicization that threatens to waste common achievements. In the same way as the Ukrainian grain that, unfortunately, the world saw flagrantly dumped from trucks and railroad cars on Polish roads. This is the grain that our farmers and peasants cultivate with great difficulty, despite all the hardships of ruthless Russian aggression. Despite the shelling. Often in fields that had to be cleared of mines. Despite the threat of elevators and businesses being burnt by missile and drone strikes. The cost of Ukrainian grain is special to us. Just like that of any other product generated by our economy at this time. As it is a wartime economy. These are the enterprises whose functioning enables Ukraine to provide for the frontline and preserve our independence – our freedom, and thus your freedom.

Ukraine will always remember Poland’s choice made on February 24 in response to the Russian invasion. It was a choice in favor of joint strength. In favor of winning the battles on the Dnipro together so that we would not have to look for ways to perform a new miracle on the Vistula. Millions of Poles have been and remain with us – in heart and in deed. And I am grateful to all of them. I am grateful to everyone who does not remain silent now and who calls for a fair solution for the sake of our common interests. I think everyone will understand that Ukraine cannot accept what is happening on the border between our countries. And even more so the appearance of outright pro-Putin slogans there. This is wrong. This is anti-solidarity. And, in particular, in yesterday’s case with our grain dumped from the railroad car, this was also simply dishonest. Because not a single gram of that grain was heading to Poland for sale, it was not intended for the Polish market. Currently, there is not a single approval for the export of grain from Ukraine to Poland. Although this is obviously unprofitable for Ukrainian producers, we are sticking to it because relations with Poland are an absolute priority for our national security. Our partnership – between Ukraine and Poland – is about safeguarding national security, both ours and yours. And this agricultural trade story has been dragging on for many months already. A lot has happened over this time. However, it’s evident to all that politics significantly outweigh economics in this situation. And it is only Moscow that is rejoicing now. When our Ukrainian drivers are blocked on Polish roads, it means that politicians should intensify a real dialogue. At all levels. And ensure the result.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine