President Zelenskyy’s statement during a meeting with media following the Global Peace Summit

June 17,2024 185
President Zelenskyy’s statement during a meeting with media following the Global Peace Summit

Madame President of Switzerland!

Mr. President of Chile!

Madame President of the European Commission!

Mr. Prime Minister of Canada!

Mr. President of Ghana!

And everyone who really wants the war to end.

I thank all the participants of the First Peace Summit for taking the first steps towards peace together.

We are responding to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine not only with a full-scale defense of human life, but also with full-scale diplomacy. These days united one hundred and one countries and international organizations, – big success for Ukraine and for all partners, – and our fair objective is to get all countries of the world to join this noble cause.

Previous political generations have left us the UN Charter as a basis for the cooperation of peoples. We will pass to the next generations an effective mechanism to implement the UN Charter. And the communiqué adopted at the Summit these days fully reflects our intention, and remains open for accession by everyone who respects the UN Charter.

It’s important that all participants of the Summit supported Ukraine’s territorial integrity because there will be no lasting peace without territorial integrity.

The three challenges have been analyzed in detail at the First Peace Summit – nuclear safety, food security and the release of prisoners and deportees, including thousands of children abducted by Russia. And now, after the Summit, we proposed and agreed to continue our joint work at a more technical level – at the level of advisers and ministers in the format of special meetings under the leadership or co-leadership of countries. Each step toward a just peace has attracted the attention of certain groups of Summit participants and countries that have not yet joined but are interested in peace.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine


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