Pro-Kremlin network in EU: European Parliament urges member nations to counter Russian influence

April 26,2024 238
Pro-Kremlin network in EU: European Parliament urges member nations to counter Russian influence

The European Parliament has called on the leadership of the European Union and its member states to jointly counter attempts of Russian interference in the EU. The relevant resolution was adopted on April 25 in response to the Kremlin’s recent attempts to influence and undermine European democratic processes.

The document proposes to include media outlets supportive of the Kremlin and those responsible for disinformation campaigns against the EU in the 14th package of sanctions against Russia. In particular, it suggests reflecting the restrictions imposed by the Czech government against the Voice of Europe, Viktor Medvedchuk, and Artem Marchevskyi.

MEPs adopted on Thursday a resolution firmly denouncing such efforts. Any such tactics, they say, must have consequences. Parliament is appalled by credible allegations that some MEPs were paid to disseminate Russian propaganda and that several participated in the activities of pro-Russian media outlet “Voice of Europe”, at the same time as Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine,” the statement said.

429 MPs supported the document, 27 voted against it, and 48 abstained. Given the upcoming European elections, members of the European Parliament emphasize the urgent need for action.

“[The European Parliament] condemns Russia’s participation in disinformation campaigns, as well as the alleged intense contacts and number of meetings between the agents responsible for Russian interference with a Catalan secessionist group; suggests that the European Centre of Excellence for Combating Hybrid Threats in Helsinki carry out a study; calls on the competent judicial authorities to effectively investigate the connections of the MEPs allegedly associated with the Kremlin and Russia’s attempts at destabilisation and interference in the EU and its Member States,” the resolution said.

The EU’s response to these threats can only be effective if it is based on a cross-cutting, holistic and long-term policy approach jointly carried by both the EU and member states,” the parliamentarians emphasize.

Czech counterintelligence exposed a network of pro-Russian influence based in central Prague and operating a news site with anti-European and anti-Ukrainian articles. Data released on March 27 indicate that two Ukrainian businessmen were key players in the propaganda organization – pro-Russian oligarch and politician Viktor Medvedchuk and former general producer of 112 Ukraine TV channel Artem Marchevskyi.

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