Pro-Russian “peace marches” in Australia can create confrontation and provocations – AUFO

October 19,2022 775
Pro-Russian “peace marches” in Australia can create confrontation and provocations – AUFO

Oct. 19, 2022

To AFUO members

The proposed Pro Russian Demonstrations being planned this weekend are both hypocritical and contradictory.

Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations totally refutes any basis for this action.

Pro-Russian organizers are calling on people to participate in demonstrations based on protesting the Australian government’s supply of military assistance to Ukraine and under the slogan ” Mothers against war “.

There is no basis for these claims being made including that Australia will be providing boots on the ground in Ukraine.  This is a lie and sheer propaganda.

The international community is calling for peace in Ukraine. Peace can only be achieved when all Russian troops leave Ukrainian territories, including Crimea. Ukraine is not the agitator. Ukraine is fighting for its territorial integrity. Ukrainian soldiers have not been murdering, raping and looting. Russia is the state being investigated for War Crimes. Russia is the state being condemned by the majority of UN Members in an official UN resolution.

Therefore, the planned demonstration under the banner of peace is the height of hypocrisy.

The AFUO calls members of the Ukrainian community not to organize any countermeasures at the time of demonstrations.

No doubt during these pro-Russian demonstrations, activists and agitators may look for a reason to create confrontation.

State Hromady should contact their local police authorities to advise there will no authorized Ukrainian public protests.

AFUO Leadership

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