Putin orders ban on websites supporting Ukraine’s Armed Forces

November 3,2023 774
Putin orders ban on websites supporting Ukraine’s Armed Forces

Russian President Putin has issued an order for the blocking of websites that collect donations to aid Ukraine’s Armed Forces. The dictator has officially signed the corresponding legislation, which grants the authorities the capability to swiftly shut down these platforms operating within Russia’s borders within hours.

Russia’s Prosecutor General and his deputies can apply to Roskomnadzor, the media and Internet supervisory agency, to promptly block websites that raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The law was drafted by the Russian Commission for Investigation of Foreign Interference under the leadership of Vasily Piskaryov, chairman of the State Duma Security Committee. 

At the same time, Russia already criminalizes such financial support. The relevant article in the Russian Criminal Code prohibits financial and logistical assistance to a foreign state aimed at the security of Russia. It provides for liability up to life imprisonment.


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