Putin’s call-up economic implications

October 4,2022 502
Putin’s call-up economic implications

At least 200,000 males have left Russia since Sep. 21, according to The New York Times, to escape the pathetic fate of being “demilitarized” by the glorious Ukrainian Armed Forces. Even more, according to Politico, which says there is evidence that as many as nearly “360,000 men have already traveled to Georgia and Kazakhstan to escape this fate, and countless others have made their way to other countries.”

On Sep. 21, 2022, Putin announced “partial” mobilization in Russia to support the continuation of his “special operation” in Ukraine. In reality, the decree is only a front to mobilize up to 1 million russian males in the full-blown incursion into the territory of Ukraine.

Politico states that, “simply put, the more the Kremlin mobilizes, the more men will try to leave the country, and that has massive implications for all manner of Russian workplaces, and consequently, the economy. With so many men gone, or about to pack their bags, sectors critical to the functioning of society — from factories to internet providers — are at risk of serious disruption. And Russia has no plan in place to deal with this.”

With so many russian men who have luckily fled the country or unluckily died in Ukraine, the remaining population, many of whom do not possess necessary skills, will not suffice to fill the vacancies. With Putin’s ridiculous continuation of the war on Ukraine, including the general draft, the russian economy simply does not stand a chance.

Photo via Lvivsky Portal

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