Putin’s election: Russia intimidates Ukrainians in occupied territories

February 12,2024 383
Putin’s election: Russia intimidates Ukrainians in occupied territories

Russians have begun threatening Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories for refusing to vote in the so-called “presidential elections,” the National Resistance Center (NRC) reports. 

“Starting February 17, members of the ‘polling stations’ will start visiting residents of the temporarily occupied territories and warn them of sanctions for refusing to vote in the ‘presidential elections,'” the CNS writes. 

Currently, the Russians are instructing members of “precinct election commissions” on how to conduct the elections. The rounds are scheduled from February 17 to March 7 and will take place in all settlements of the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories. 

“During the raids, the workers will be accompanied by “Rosgvardia” soldiers, allegedly for security reasons,” the center adds. At the same time, the Russians have classified the addresses of polling stations to hide the lack of turnout and the number of these stations, the CNS says. 

“The National Resistance Center notes that everyone involved in the organization of the “elections” will be held accountable like their “colleagues” from the right bank of Kherson and Kharkiv regions,” the center summed up. 

Previously, information emerged that Russia deployed extra “Rosgvardia” units to its occupied territories as part of the preparations for the so-called “presidential elections” scheduled for March 15-17. This move aims to coerce Ukrainians into voting for the Russian dictator Putin and to safeguard those who have betrayed Ukraine.

Cover: AFP via Getty Images

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