Ramstein meeting results: aid from Canada and Germany

January 24,2024 1399
Ramstein meeting results: aid from Canada and Germany

Ukraine will receive 10 multi-functional inflatable boats from Canada, manufactured by Zodiac Hurricane Technologies, with a value of USD 15 million, announced the Ministry of National Defense of Canada after the conclusion of the 18th Ramstein-format meeting on Ukraine’s defense on January 23.

These multi-engine Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) will assist Ukraine in various maritime operations including search and rescue, troop and cargo transport, surveillance, and reconnaissance,” the ministry wrote. 

Ukrainian defenders will receive assistance by the end of spring. Canada will also conduct training on boat usage. In addition, Ottawa will allocate civilian personnel, instructors, and training aircraft to train Ukrainian pilots.

This support is valued at approximately $15 million. Training will begin in February 2024 and will continue into 2025,” the ministry wrote. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will also receive six multi-role helicopters Sea King Mk41, necessary equipment, and spare parts from Germany. The relevant decision was made by the German government, announced after the meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine. 

Ukrainian military personnel will undergo a training course for using aircraft equipment.

“[The Sea King Mk41] is a proven and reliable helicopter that will assist Ukrainians in various areas, from reconnaissance over the Black Sea to the transportation of military personnel,” said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. 

“This is the first delivery of its kind from Germany,” the minister emphasized.

Ukraine also received a commitment for long-range weapons at the Ramstein meeting, said Ukrainian Ministry of Defense representative Illarion Pavliuk. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive weaponry from partners for effective strikes against the enemy both on the front lines and in the rear.

“There is a complete understanding from our partners that we need this weaponry, and there is a commitment to work on providing Ukraine with more weapons for such strikes,” emphasized Pavliuk.

Cover: Ukraine’s Defense Ministry

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