Record attack: Russia launches over 50 drones at Ukraine

May 29,2023 1020
Record attack: Russia launches over 50 drones at Ukraine

On the night of May 27-28, Russia launched the most massive attack using Iranian strike drones on Ukraine. The occupiers fired 59 munitions at the central regions’ military and critical infrastructure facilities. Anti-aircraft defense shot down 58 drones, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported.

Most drones tried to attack Kyiv, and approximately 40 Shaheds were shot down in the capital. The air raid siren lasted for over 5 hours at night. As a result of falling debris, one person died, another was injured, destruction was also recorded in various districts of Kyiv, the Kyiv City Military Administration said.

“This is how Russia celebrates the day of our ancient Kyiv [the city’s day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, this year on May 28]… Throughout its history, Kyiv has seen various atrocities from invaders. It has survived them all, and it will survive the Ruscists. None of them will be here!”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to the attack.

In Ukraine’s north-western city of Zhytomyr, at least 26 houses and educational and healthcare facilities were damaged by the drone attack, local authorities say.

The European Union promised to hold Russia accountable for terrorizing the civilian population. “Russia’s barbaric attacks continue, killing and terrorising civilians: attack on the hospital in Dnipro, now Kyiv on the dawn of Kyiv Day. Russian leadership and perpetrators will be held accountable,” EU spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Nabila Massrali stated.

On the night of May 28-29, and again on May 29, Russia attacked Ukraine once more. Kyiv survived the 15th attack during a month. “Russia’s drone and missile attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities can not be seen as usual, no matter how frequent they grow. They are all war crimes and must be stopped by further strengthening Ukraine’s air defense, including with F-16s [fighter jets],” the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said.

Photo: Militarnyi

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