Remembering the Day of Dignity and Freedom

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November 21,2019 233

On November 21, 2013, the people of Ukraine gathered in the capital’s Independence Square in defence of their will to live freely in a democracy that respects the choice of the people. This day, which began a spiral of events leading to the Revolution of Dignity with tragic consequences, is now marked as the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

Precipitated by the refusal of the Yanukovych regime to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, the peaceful protest was answered by authorities with violence spurring the country to rise up in mass demonstrations. Unwilling to hear the voice of the people, the regime took more drastic measures resulting in the deaths of over 100 innocent men and women to whom we pay tribute and remember as the Nebesna Sotnia.

The fight for freedom that began six years ago today continues as the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine persistently claims the lives of brave soldiers and innocent civilians alike, and a rampant disinformation campaign aims to discredit Ukraine and its people. 

“The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) pays tribute to those who took a stand in defence of the Ukrainian people’s right to live in dignity and freedom, and to those who continue to stand on the frontlines of this modern day war refusing to allow Ukraine to once again be pulled under the yoke of a foreign aggressor,” stated UWC President Paul Grod. “We urge the international community to remember the sacrifices made by the Ukrainian people in the name of global peace and security, and remain steadfastly on the side of the Ukrainian people by increasing pressure on the Russian Federation to withdraw its troops, mercenaries, weapons and materiel from Ukrainian territory.”

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!


Photo from November 21, 2013: UNIAN

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