Remembrance Day

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November 11,2021 1713
Remembrance Day

The Ukrainian World Congress and Ukrainian communities around the world pay tribute on this Remembrance Day to all the brave men and women who, throughout the years, have served their countries to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms that we cherish today.

November 11th marks the end of hostilities during the First World War and is an opportunity to recall all those who have fallen in past conflicts. Today we remember the fallen and also stand by all those who defend Ukraine in its struggle with Russian aggression.

Today we bow our heads in honour of all the brave defenders of Ukraine who protect the nation from Russian aggression, and the many soldiers serving in the armed forces today in different parts of the world to maintain peace in an unstable world.

Lest we forget.
Heroes never die!

To explore the course and effects of the Russian aggression in Ukrainian cities and villages and to see the  Events Timeline, visit the website of Virtual Museum of Russian Aggression.

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