Romania recognized the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people

November 24,2022 854
Romania recognized the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of Romania, at a joint meeting on Wednesday, November 23, adopted the Declaration on the recognition of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as a terrible crime against the Ukrainian people and humanity.

The initiator of the Declaration was Nicolae-Miroslav Petrețchi, a member of the Romanian Parliament and the Chairman of the Union of the Ukrainians in Romania, a member organization of the UWC. According to Mr. Petrețchi, in the context of the annual commemoration of the anniversary of the Holodomor, every fourth Saturday of November, the initiative aimed to “remind everyone about this painful episode, which was forever etched in Ukrainian collective memory, which everyone should always remember, so that such calamities have never been repeated.”

“At the same time, now, 9 months after the beginning of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the adoption of this declaration is a strong signal of support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people, as well as a natural gesture of honoring the memory of millions of innocent lives brutally destroyed during that period. Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for this initiative, which has great symbolic significance for Ukrainians all over the world,” said Nicolae-Miroslav Petrețchi.

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