Romaniw: Donate drones to extend season’s greetings to Ukraine

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December 27,2023 533
Romaniw: Donate drones to extend season’s greetings to Ukraine

Stefan Romaniw, First Vice President of the Ukrainian World Congress and Co-Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO), in an interview with the national 24/7 newscast Yedyni Novyny [“United News”], stated that the support for Ukrainian defenders during the Christmas and New Year holidays should only strengthen.

“We understand that during this time [Christmas and New Year holidays], there are many other matters. However, the war continues. We are moving towards victory, but it will only come when we unite our efforts,” said Romaniw.

UWC Vice President called on global Ukrainians to join the fundraising campaigns of the Ukrainian World Congress – in particular, the Santa’s Birds holiday fundraiser for purchasing 1,000 FPV drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the Unite with Ukraine initiative.

“We have launched a support program to give Ukraine a festive gift – drones. We urge our communities to donate to help Ukrainian defenders,” stated the UWC Vice President. Additionally, Romaniw emphasized the importance of advocating for support for Ukraine in foreign governments. The UWC Vice President called on communities to intensify efforts to bring victory closer. 

“Despite the Christmas season, the advocacy work of UWC continues. We urge all Ukrainians not to forget about our soldiers on the front lines, who cannot celebrate with their families today. And we pray to the Almighty that next Christmas, we can all sit at one table so that the war ends and Ukraine prevails,” UWC Vice President concluded.

Click the link to fund an FPV drone and bring Ukraine one step closer to victory.

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