Russia backs terrorists – Israel’s former ambassador to Russia

October 16,2023 805
Russia backs terrorists – Israel’s former ambassador to Russia

Russia, as an aggressor country, supports terrorist organizations, former Israeli ambassador to Russia Arkady Mil-Man said. The fact that representatives of Hamas came to Moscow and that the Russian embassy also maintains contacts with the organization’s leaders testifies to the contacts between Russia and terrorists, the diplomat says.

“Representatives of the Taliban are coming to Russia. This is an organization that Russia has declared illegal, and it itself hosts members of this terrorist organization in Moscow, invites them to various forums and maintains contact with them. The story is the same with Hamas: the leaders of this terrorist organization were received in Moscow,” Mil-Man said.

Russia supports terrorist organizations because it has been preparing plans for aggression all the time. Moscow also has relations with another terrorist organization in Lebanon – with Hezbollah.

“That is why it is distinguished by this special position – it supports terrorist organizations and does not condemn them. And this is connected recently with the terrorist activities that it allows on the territory of Ukraine. We all remember the tragedy in Bucha, the crimes of the Russian army in Bucha, Irpin and other cities of Ukraine, what it [Russia] is doing today,” Mil-Man said.

Such a policy of Russia is not surprising, the diplomat added. “And they don’t care about their citizens, they don’t care,” Mil-Man concluded.

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