Russia calls North Korea “fraternal people”

October 20,2023 458
Russia calls North Korea “fraternal people”

Russia and North Korea are united by “historically fraternal ties,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during his visit to North Korea. The Russian also said that “Western neocolonialism” remains the main course of action of Europeans, Americans, and Japanese.

“To our common, great regret, the events of the last many years show that Japanese militarism has not disappeared anywhere, American hegemony has not disappeared anywhere and, in general, Western neo-colonialism remains the main direction of actions of Europeans, Americans and Japanese. In this regard, our mutual solidarity, based on historically fraternal ties, acquires special importance,” Lavrov said.

The propaganda cliché “brotherly nations” was traditionally used by the Soviet Union, followed by the Russian Federation, to denote the closest political relations and interstate relations between Moscow and the states that the Russians considered their allies. Lavrov’s use of this political formula concerning Pyongyang indicates the deepening of cooperation between the two regimes and the transition of relations between the Russian Federation and the DPRK to the level of strategic partnership.

The main purpose of the Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to North Korea is to prepare for the upcoming visit to the country by dictator Vladimir Putin.