Russia can strike with nukes either from Belarus or from occupied Crimea

January 5,2023 4363
Russia can strike with nukes either from Belarus or from occupied Crimea

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (GUR) has information that Putin is considering the possibility of carrying out a nuclear weapon provocation against Ukraine from the territory of occupied Crimea or Belarus, a GUR Press Service officer, Andriy Yusov, told the 1+1 channel.

“When it comes to the threat of nuclear weapons from Russia, we must understand that this threat will only bring the end of modern Russia closer. Yes, there is information that Putin is considering occupied Crimea and the territory of Belarus to carry out such provocations. All this information is tracked, and intelligence is available, so it will not come as a surprise,” said Yusov.

Another representative of the GUR, Andriy Chernyak, told Ukrinform that there are currently Russian ground-, air-, and sea-based carriers of nuclear munitions in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

According to him, Ukraine’s military intelligence is monitoring Russia’s nuclear weapon movement, particularly the tactical ones, and is aware of the weapons’ locations.

Chernyak added that the occupiers were carrying out preparatory work at the Feodosia-13 facility in the village of Krasnokamyanka to store nuclear ammunition. Still, it is currently unknown whether this work has been completed.

Referring to the risks of Russia’s nuclear attack, the intelligence representative noted that “the occupying country is capable of anything.”