Russia constructs 30-km “Tsar-train” defense line in Donetsk Oblast

February 13,2024 1170
Russia constructs 30-km “Tsar-train” defense line in Donetsk Oblast

The Russians in Donetsk Oblast have assembled a “Tsar-Train” to hinder the advance of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. The construction spans 30 kilometers, according to the team of the interactive online map of military operations in Ukraine, DeepState.

The continuous structure made from freight cars stretches from the railway station in Olenivka to Volnovakha, comprising approximately 2,100 cars of various types. The assembly of this train convoy began in July 2023, with experts suggesting that mobile equipment, likely stolen from temporarily occupied territories, was used for construction.

Experts note that the structure can be considered a defensive line. “This is a very specific engineering structure, the effectiveness of which is challenging to assess. The idea is clear – to obstruct the advance of Ukraine’s Defense Forces. It can be viewed as a separate line of defense because damaging, displacing, or detonating a 30-kilometer mass of metal is extremely difficult, and moving equipment through such an obstacle without creating a corridor is impossible,” writes DeepState.

The DeepState team visually verified the construction over various time periods. Read about the Russian penchant for producing something excessively large and typically senseless by following the link.

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