Russia used banned chemical munitions in Ukraine

December 5,2022 643
Russia used banned chemical munitions in Ukraine

Russian invaders are using K-51 aerosol grenades against Ukrainian marines, according to the Ukrainian Navy.

“The terrorist state uses prohibited chemical [weapons]. The occupiers drop chloropicrin grenades from drones on our defenders in the east. To protect themselves from the strong irritant effect of the prohibited ammunition, the Marines held their positions in chemical protective suits,” the message on Twitter reads.

K-51 is a Soviet-made nonlethal tear-gas hand grenade. According to Wikipedia, its use is prohibited by both the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Geneva Protocol. Despite the prohibition, the Russians has used these grenades many times in their war on Ukraine, which began in 2014.

In the photo above, a K-51 grenade and an enemy quadcopter landed by Ukrainian warriors in Zaporizhya Oblast in October 2022 (source: Wikipedia).