Russia killed 5 children in Odesa – the youngest was 4 months old

March 4,2024 714
Russia killed 5 children in Odesa – the youngest was 4 months old

On the night of March 2, the Russians launched a drone attack on Odesa in the south of Ukraine. One of the drones targeted a residential nine-story building, destroying an entire entrance. 

“Twelve people were killed, including 5 children: 4-month-old Tymofii, 7-month-old Liza, 3-year-old Mark, 8-year-old Zlata, and Serhii, who would have turned 10 in July,” reported the Department of Health of the Odesa Oblast State Administration. Among the victims was a large family of military personnel.

Another 20 people, including a pregnant woman, were injured. “Three individuals remain in hospitals, with 2 people in the intensive care unit in critical condition, and one person in moderate condition receiving treatment in the traumatology department,” the statement said. 

A total of 18 apartments were completely destroyed. The explosion also damaged a boiler room located near the building, leaving several multi-story buildings without heating. The search operation lasted for more than a day. 

Residents of Odesa are bringing toys and flowers to the attacked building. On March 3, mourning was declared in Odesa Oblast.

Ukrainian children are military targets for Russia; that’s who these “savages” are fighting, stated Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy after the attack. He expressed condolences to all the families and loved ones of the victims.

“We need more air defense capabilities from our partners. The Ukrainian air shield must be strengthened in order to effectively protect our people from Russian terror. More air defense systems and air defense missiles are what saves lives,” wrote Zelenskyy.

Russia acts every time the West fails to act, said Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba. “For every word uttered to explain why something cannot be done for Ukraine, Russia takes a real human life. For every undelivered air defense platform, Russia responds with hundreds of missiles and drones attacking cities in Ukraine,” Kuleba wrote.

Photos: State Emergency Service of Ukraine; the Department of Health of the Odesa Oblast State Administration; AFP

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