Russia plans to recruit Africans for war in Ukraine

December 28,2023 2918
Russia plans to recruit Africans for war in Ukraine

Russians are preparing an expedition to the African continent searching for mercenaries for war against Ukraine, reports the National Resistance Center (NRC).

“Currently, the enemy is conducting a recruitment campaign in Kursk Oblast, where they expect to enlist between 50 and 100 soldiers and officers to fill the so-called ‘African Corps.’ The latter is being created as a replacement for the Wagner private military company mercenaries who operated in Africa but were redeployed to the ‘svo’ [special military operation – Russia’s term for the full-scale war against Ukraine],” the NRC said.

Plans are underway to expand this force within Burkina Faso’s borders. The primary focus of these mercenaries will involve training local residents and preparing successive groups of local recruits for deployment in the war against Ukraine.

“It should be noted that easy earnings do not exist, and the price for their crimes is already rising in Ukraine. Over 350,000 liquidated invaders from the Russian Federation testify to this, but not personally,” added the NRC.

Recruitment of foreigners for the war in Ukraine continues, despite Putin’s statements that the Kremlin does not need ‘people from outside.’ Occupying forces are recruiting citizens from Serbia and other Balkan countries, among others.

Meanwhile, in early December, Nepal officially demanded that Russia cease recruiting Nepalese citizens for the Russian army’s involvement in the war in Ukraine.

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