Russia prepares for full-scale conflict with NATO – Latvia

October 3,2023 7280
Russia prepares for full-scale conflict with NATO – Latvia

Russia’s policy includes preparations for a full-scale conflict with NATO, Latvian special services said. Russia designs and develops military attack scenarios and plans to weaken the enemy in all directions and stages of a hybrid war.

“Russia perceives its aggression against Ukraine as part of a wider conflict in which its opposition to the West in general, but the United States in particular, is manifested. Russia is trying to return the world to the policy of spheres of influence under the guise of a war in Ukraine,” says the updated concept of national security of Latvia, which the country’s parliament approved.

The risk of operations from Russia will grow, experts predict. The activities of the special services of the Russian Federation are aggressive in nature and pose a significant threat to the collective security of NATO and EU countries, as well as to the national security of Latvia.

The security services of Belarus, which coordinate activities with the Russians, also threaten Latvia’s security. “Russian special services conduct purposeful and systematic work to obtain intelligence information on key aspects of Latvia’s foreign, domestic, economic and energy policy, as well as monitoring social processes and public attitudes,” the document says.

The political and military support of Ukraine by Western countries, particularly Latvia, and the development of a policy towards Russia, is a priority.

“Latvia’s security policy, its military potential and civil defense potential, critical infrastructure, crisis management mechanisms and border security are also important intelligence objects of Russian special services,” the document says.

The intensity of espionage activities against Western countries, in particular Latvia, will increase, the special services emphasized.