Russia prepares for new counteroffensive

March 29,2024 422
Russia prepares for new counteroffensive

Russia is preparing for a new counteroffensive, which is planned at the end of May or in June, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with CBS News. The recent winter months have been quite challenging for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but Ukrainian defenders have managed to stabilize the situation.

Considering the fact there is a deficit of weapons, ammunition, considering the fact that we are starting to prepare brigades for corresponding actions important to us, we have stabilized the situation. It is better than it used to be two or three months ago. We share all the information with our partners and say that Russia will prepare counter-offensive actions. This may be the end of May or June…” said Zelenskyy.

Ukraine needs assistance preparing appropriate brigades to counter possible Russian counteroffensive actions, emphasized Ukraine’s President. Journalists met with Zelenskyy in Sumy Oblast, which is currently suffering from daily Russian attacks.

Usually, when they attack by artillery and destroy the villages, after that, they always tried to occupy. We don’t know what will be tomorrow. That’s why we have to prepare,” said the Ukrainian President.

Ukraine especially needs artillery and Patriot missile defense systems right now. In this war of attrition, Russia has an advantage not only due to a greater number of firepower but also due to the greater range of their impact, according to Zelenskyy.

Dozens of billions remain in the US. Let’s be honest, the money which is allocated by the Congress, by the administration, in the majority of cases, 80% of this money – well, at least more than 75% – stays in the U.S. This ammunition is coming to us, but the production is taking place there, and the money stays in the US, and the taxes are staying in the US,” emphasized Zelenskyy.

If Ukraine loses, Putin will not stop at what he has achieved. “This aggression, and Putin’s army, can come to Europe, and then the citizens of the United States, the soldiers of the United States, will have to protect Europe because they’re the NATO members. … Even tomorrow, the missiles can fly to any state,” emphasized the Ukrainian President.

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