Russia quietly conducts nuclear drills

October 30,2023 736
Russia quietly conducts nuclear drills

Russia conducted nuclear exercises involving last year’s weapons and a submarine cruiser that has been in operation since 1987. The latest models, in particular, submarines, missiles, and strategic bombers, were not used, Defense Express reports.

“It is officially reported that the Yars system was launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome at the Kura Missile Test Range in Kamchatka, the R-29RMU Sineva missile was launched from the K-114 Tula strategic nuclear submarine missile cruiser from the waters of the Barents Sea, as well as Tu-95MS bombers launched cruise missiles,” the media writes.

This arrangement of forces one-to-one repeats the one that was involved in the exercises of Russia last year in October. At that time, one Yars, Tu-95MS bombers, and the same Tula submarine were also involved.

“The K-114 “Tula” entered service in 1987, belongs to the 667BDRM Dolphin project, carries 16 R-29RMU2 missiles, which are the modernization of the R-29 missile, which was adopted in 1974,” the media writes.

In addition, experts noted the lack of information injection regarding the conduct of exercises. “There was hysteria before the nuclear weapons attack exactly a year ago, despite the much smaller scale of the exercises. But this year, there is generally complete informational silence before the exercises themselves,” Defense Express says.


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