Russia recruits migrants from Central Asia for war in Ukraine

September 4,2023 1074
Russia recruits migrants from Central Asia for war in Ukraine

Russia is recruiting migrants from neighboring countries, particularly from Central Asia, for the war against Ukraine, the UK Intelligence reported. Immigrants are promised accelerated acquisition of Russian citizenship and high salaries for participation in hostilities.

Online adverts have been observed in Armenia and Kazakhstan offering 495,000 roubles ($5,140 USD) in initial payments and salaries from 190,000 roubles ($1,973 USD),” the UK Defence Intelligence explained.

At the same time, ethnic Russians are being recruited in the north of Kazakhstan. The Kremlin has been trying to recruit migrants from Central Asia into the war in Ukraine since at least May 2023.

Russia likely wishes to avoid further unpopular domestic mobilization measures in the run up to the 2024 Presidential elections. Exploiting foreign nationals allows the Kremlin to acquire additional personnel for its war effort in the face of mounting casualties,” the intelligence said.

In addition, in Mariupol, the occupiers are taking passports from migrant construction workers who were brought to “restore” the city. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that workers are being forced to join the Russian army.