Russia seeks to create new dependencies with cheap grain – EU

August 3,2023 543
Russia seeks to create new dependencies with cheap grain – EU

Russia offers cheap grain to create new dependencies on itself. The European Union warned of the threat to developing countries.

“As the world deals with disrupted supplies and higher prices, Russia is now approaching vulnerable countries with bilateral offers of grain shipments at discounted prices, pretending to solve a problem it created itself,” Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said.

Russia’s actions are a “cynical policy of deliberately using food as a weapon,” Borrell says. So Moscow is trying to create new dependencies by increasing economic vulnerability and global food insecurity.

The EU representative called on the countries, particularly the G7 countries, to speak together “with a clear and unified voice” against Russia’s actions. The world should force Moscow to return to the Black Sea Grain Initiative and stop attacks on Ukraine’s agricultural infrastructure, the European Union believes.

The EU would “continue to support the tireless efforts” of the UN and Turkey aimed at restoring the “grain deal,” the official concluded.

On July 17, the Kremlin announced the suspension of the “grain deal” and, therefore, guarantees of shipping safety. The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that all ships bound for Ukrainian ports will be considered involved in a military conflict. Subsequently, the Russians began to threaten vessels in the Black Sea and attack Ukrainian ports and agricultural infrastructure.

Cover: Reuters


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