Russia: Sponsorship of Terrorism from ISIS to LDPR

June 10,2022 379
Russia: Sponsorship of Terrorism from ISIS to LDPR

Yesterday, the russian-controlled pseudo-republic of “DNR” passed a death sentence on one Moroccan and two British citizens for their service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is a landmark public decision by which russia is once again trying to blackmail the world to achieve its own goals. This is also another flagrant violation of international law, for which russia does not expect to receive any punishment. 

This is how ISIS terrorists behaved in public, executing foreigners. Today there is no difference between ISIS and the so-called LDNR. Journalistic investigations have repeatedly shown that the Islamic State is not only funded by the Kremlin, RF has also sent professional military instructors there. This also applies to Taliban terrorists.

Exactly one month ago, Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Republican Lindsey Graham submitted a resolution recognizing russia as a sponsor of terrorism on a number of grounds, including:

  • on putin’s instructions, russia is committing acts of international terrorism against political opponents and other countries;


  • since 2014, russia has supported separatists involved in violence against Ukrainian civilians in Donbas;


  • russia is spreading terror around the world through private mercenary military networks such as the Wagner Group;


  • on putin’s orders, russia continues to commit war crimes by ordering and authorizing attacks on peaceful centers in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine, which has resulted in many deaths of civilian men, women, and children.


According to Senator Graham, recognizing russia as a terrorist state would be the strongest signal that putin as russia’s leader, is no longer considered legitimate.

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