Russia spreads rhetoric on ‘partition’ of Ukraine

February 6,2024 718
Russia spreads rhetoric on ‘partition’ of Ukraine

Russia actively promotes the narrative of Ukraine’s partition for Western audiences, stated the Institute for the Study of War. The Kremlin intensified the corresponding rhetoric and distorted unrelated information on the subject.

“[It happens] likely in an attempt to normalize the partition narrative in Western discussions about Ukraine. Deputy Chairperson of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev claimed on February 5 that purported European plans to construct a railway line from Spain to Lviv City are evidence of the West’s acknowledgement that Lviv City would be “the new capital of Ukraine within the borders of [Lviv Oblast],” presumably following the end of Russia’s war in Ukraine,” analysts write.

This project has nothing to do with Ukrainian borders or the resolution of the war in Ukraine, as it is an independent European infrastructure project, emphasized the Institute for the Study of War.

Medvedev notably posted his February 5 claims on his English-language X (formerly Twitter) account and not on his Russian-language Telegram account, suggesting that his statement was intended for an international audience as opposed to a Russian domestic audience,” experts say.

Medvedev’s statement furthers the Russian information operation that erroneously portrays Ukraine as an artificially constructed state, likely in an effort to reduce Western military support for Ukraine and normalize Western discussions that push Ukraine to cede much of its territory and people to Russia as a legitimate way to end the war.

In addition, Putin and other high-ranking Russian officials have recently revived a narrative in which the invasion of Ukraine is portrayed as a historically justified imperial conquest, added the Institute.

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