Russia steals Ukrainian children to create cruel and regime-loyal teenagers

March 29,2023 1376
Russia steals Ukrainian children to create cruel and regime-loyal teenagers

Ukraine’s minister for temporarily occupied territories reintegration, Iryna Vereschuk reported on Tuesday, Ukraine officially reckons that Russia has abducted 4,390 orphans, half-orphans and children deprived of parental care from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and also deported 16,207 children.

Ukraine submits all data on the abduction of children by the occupiers to the International Criminal Court.

Vereschuk emphasized that the Russians in fact admit their war crimes when they publicly announce the “adoption” of children that Ukraine demands to be returned.

The same day, the National Resistance Center published a map of camps to which the enemy resettles deported Ukrainian children.

“As can be seen from the geography of the camps, the process of taking children to the Russian Federation is systematic and prepared in advance. That is, despite the fact that Russian propaganda claims that the evacuation of children is a forced step, in fact, children are constantly being taken out, both from areas near the frontlines and from areas far from the hostilities,” the NRC states.

In the camps, the children are ideologically processed according to a preprepared program: they are taught Russian history, given a distorted interpretation of the war in Ukraine, and also forced to learn the Russian national anthem.

Sometimes children are taken to military training centers for “re-education” with the aim of creating especially cruel and regime-loyal teenagers who can later be used against their Motherland.